Deborah Elizabeth Cohen

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Background Medical devices are used widely for virtually every disease and condition. Although devices are subject to regulation, the number of recalls, the clinical data requirements for regulation and the impact on patient safety are poorly understood. Methods The authors defined a device using European directives and used publicly available information(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the extent and nature of claims regarding improved sports performance made by advertisers for a broad range of sports-related products, and the quality of the evidence on which these claims are based. METHODS The authors analysed magazine adverts and associated websites of a broad range of sports products. The authors searched for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine how Hispanic residential concentration moderates the relationship between neighborhood collective efficacy and teenage birth rates. DESIGN Cross-sectional analysis of census tract level survey data and birth records. SETTING Sixty-five Los Angeles (California) County census tracts in 2000 and 2001. PARTICIPANTS Measures of(More)
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