Deborah E. Swain

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Dehydration, a common practice among competitive athletes in sports including weight classes, has uncertain effects on strength. This study examined the effects of passive dehydration (D, approximately 2 hours in a sauna) followed by rehydration (R, approximately 2 hours of rest with water ad libitum) on bench press one-repetition maximum (1RM). Ten(More)
Knowledge capitalization has become a major economic driver in business today and has created enormous requirements for organizations as they reconsider their goals and adapt their business strategies. However, the definition of knowledge management in an organizational context is a difficult task to realize (Spiegler, 2000). Although knowledge is a(More)
Businesses today, including non-profits, recognise the need for knowledge management (KM). KM may require new strategies and goals before it can be implemented, or it can be aligned with current business strategies for quicker implementation. The framework presented here is for managers in companies and organisations to use to align their KM strategies with(More)
The poster traces ongoing efforts to develop and refine a metadata schema for the Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD). Design and development is informed by evolving metadata standards for educational resources, usability studies, audience analysis, and interoperability guidelines for National Science Digital Library (NSDL), NSDL Metadata(More)
In this short note we describe the results of a unique 11 year follow-up of the induction of micronuclei by radiation in three individuals. These individuals were all part of two larger studies carried out in 1987 and 1998 respectively, each having similar population characteristics. No significant differences in the average radiation response of these two(More)
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