Deborah E. Johnson

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Increasing atmospheric concentrations of methane have led scientists to examine its sources of origin. Ruminant livestock can produce 250 to 500 L of methane per day. This level of production results in estimates of the contribution by cattle to global warming that may occur in the next 50 to 100 yr to be a little less than 2%. Many factors influence(More)
Dengue infections were prospectively studied among 4- to 16-year-old students at a Bangkok school. Blood samples were obtained from 1,757 students in June 1980, before the dengue season, and in January 1981, after the season, and tested for dengue antibodies by the hemagglutination inhibition method. Classrooms were monitored daily for school absences.(More)
Small cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder is an uncommon tumor. The authors report the clinicopathologic findings in a series of 22 cases. Fifteen men and 7 women were studied; their ages ranged from 51 to 87 years (mean, 62.4 years). The most frequent presentation was hematuria (94.4%). At diagnosis, three patients had Stage B disease, six had Stage C,(More)
Liver and gastrointestinal tract weights (ingesta- and adipose-free) appear to increase or decrease in direct proportion to dietary intake within and across physiological stages of maintenance, growth, fattening or lactation. Liver and gut mass increase approximately 15 and 30 g per unit of liveweight raised to the 0.75 power (Wt0.75) for each multiple of(More)
This study examined racial socialization processes among 94 African American parents of third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade children as they were predicted by children’s ethnic identity exploration and unfair treatment as well as by parents’ ethnic identity and discrimination experiences. Findings indicated that children’s ethnic identity exploration and(More)
Eight Holstein steers (four at 300 kg, four at 406 kg) fitted with an elevated carotid artery, hepatic portal and mesenteric venous catheters, and abomasal and ileal cannulas were used in several 4 x 4 Latin square experiments to evaluate small intestinal starch digestion. They were fed alfalfa hay at 1.5% of BW and abomasally infused with water or glucose,(More)
Infants of diabetic mothers frequently have polycythemia, elevated serum erythropoietin concentrations, and decreased serum iron and ferritin concentrations, likely representing a redistribution of fetal iron into erythrocytes to support augmented fetal hemoglobin synthesis. We hypothesized that fetal liver, heart, and brain iron concentrations are also(More)
The composition of carcass and noncarcass tissue growth was quantified by serial slaughter of 26 Angus x Hereford crossbred steers (initial age and weight 289 +/- 4 d and 245 +/- 4 kg) during continuous growth (CON) or compensatory growth (CG) after a period of growth restriction (.4 kg/d) from 245 to 325 kg BW. All steers were fed a 70% concentrate diet at(More)