Deborah Charsha-May

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RSV can cause respiratory illness after SOT, yet preventive recommendations are lacking for this population. To ascertain current preventive practices against RSV disease in pediatric SOT candidates and recipients, a survey was developed. The survey was mailed to 108 SOT programs in the United States (liver, 42; heart, 28; lung, 11; intestinal, 25; and(More)
A survey was sent to the emergency room and laboratory directors of 400 randomly selected US hospitals to assess the diagnostic testing practices for respiratory syncytial virus and influenza virus in children. The results demonstrate that the majority of hospitals routinely perform viral testing for both viruses and use virology testing practices(More)
Glutaraldehyde-treated bacterial cells were used as the quality control organisms in agglutination and fluorescent antibody tests for group A Streptococcus; Salmonella groups A, B, and D; Shigella groups B, C, and D; and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The antigen preparations were serologically reactive over a period of five months.
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