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Two related forms of the respiratory-chain complex, NADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Complex I) are synthesized in the mitochondria of Neurospora crassa. Normally growing cells make a large, piericidin-A-sensitive form, which consists of some 23 different nuclear- and 6-7 mitochondrially encoded subunits. Cells grown in the presence of chloramphenicol make(More)
Five distinct low potential iron-sulfur clusters have been identified potentiometrically in the membrane particles from Thermus thermophilus HB-8. Three of these clusters (designated as [N-1H]T, [N-2H]T, and [N-3]T) exhibit the following midpoint redox potentials and g values (Em8.0 = -274 mV, gx,y,z = 1.93, 1.94, 2.02), (Em8.0 = -304 mV, gx,y,z = 1.89,(More)
Many biomedical data are in the form of time series. Analyses of these data include: (1) search for any biorhythm; (2) test of homogeneity of several time series; (3) assessment of stationarity; (4) test of normality of the time series histogram; (5) evaluation of dependence between data points. In this paper we present a subroutine package called TSAN. It(More)
1 In this paper, we propose a hybrid approach for estimating the switching activities of the internal nodes in logic circuits. The new approach combines the advantages of the simulation-based t e chniques and the probability-based t e chniques. We use the user-specied control sequence for simulation and treat the weakly correlated data inputs using the(More)
In this paper we study the problem of distributing the set of crossings between two regions. A crossing is defined as the intersection of two nets. Three types of crossing-distribution problems are considered: (1) the quota problem, (2) the membership problem, and (3) the combination problem, which is a combination of the quota and membership problems. Our(More)
We propose a hybrid power model for estimating the power dissipation of a design at the RT-level. This new model combines the advantages of both RT-level and gate-level approaches. We investigate the relationship between steady-state transition power and overall power dissipation. We observe that, statistically, two input sequences causing similar amount of(More)