Deborah C. Girasek

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Modern technological advances have decreased the incidence and severity of burn injuries, and medical care improvements of burn injuries have significantly increased survival rates, particularly in developed countries. Still, fire-related burn injuries are responsible for 300,000 deaths and 10 million disability-adjusted life years lost annually worldwide.(More)
This study evaluated whether a brief videotape could motivate pregnant pool owners to be trained in infant/child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Women were recruited from prenatal classes in South Florida. Eligible volunteers were randomized to view a video or receive standard treatment, after completing a questionnaire. The video explained toddler(More)
We set out to learn whether, and how, parents of children who were fatally injured want to collaborate with injury prevention professionals. In this exploratory study, interviews were conducted with parents who had been identified through medical examiner files. Only a small minority of those we contacted chose to participate. The six mothers and five(More)
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