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The College of Management at UMass Boston developed a set of cross functional / cross departmental concentrations involving mixing both IT courses and management courses in the business functional areas of finance and marketing. Although interdisciplinary concentrations aren't a new concept, these particular combinations, and their placement in a(More)
This paper describes the implementation of information technology problem-solving constructs and scenarios designed to cultivate computational thinking in information technology education at the college level via a course entitled "IT Problem Solving." A project of Broadening Advanced Technological Connections (BATEC), these scenarios were developed by a(More)
This paper gives an overview of initiatives for information technology (IT) education undertaken by projects and centers of excellence for Advanced Technological Education (ATE) with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF). While these centers have a common goal to advance IT education regionally and nationally, they differ in the means of doing(More)
The Boston Area Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) is a National Science Foundation Regional Center designed to develop a coordinated Information Technology (IT) education delivery system that cuts across different educational institutions from high school to community college and university. This paper describes the strategy used by the(More)
In this paper, we describe an innovative project that is gathering information for a re-envisioning of transfer procedures between two and four-year higher education institutions in three states. Convening relevant administrators, faculty, and local business partners within each of the three regions, this project has been researching current transfer models(More)
The growth of the IT sector masks important dynamics: occupational complexity; the spread of the IT workforce into other sectors, and a transformation in traditional human resource practices. Handling these tensions is demanding regional workforce development strategies, especially to create institutional connections, or labor market intermediaries, that(More)
This paper discusses efforts to align Java programming education among Boston area community colleges and the University of Massachusetts Boston. Several forces have converged so that Java is the first programming language taught in most Secondary and Tertiary introductory programming courses. Teaching a common language should lead to clear articulation(More)
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