Deborah Barnett

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OBJECTIVE to develop a pragmatic service for pregnant smokers. DESIGN identification and referral of pregnant smokers to specialist services using self-report gathered on routine pregnancy booking questionnaire augmented by a carbon monoxide breath test. Engagement by specialist smoking cessation midwives using telephone contact with the offer of(More)
The reliability of diagnoses of mental retardation severity was examined through the comparison of psychiatric and psychological case reports found in client records. For a sample of 126 dually diagnosed clients, overall chance-corrected agreement was .47, ranging from .38 (for diagnoses of moderate mental retardation) to .55 (for diagnoses of borderline(More)
Data are presented to support the Paired Hands Test (PHT) as a valid measure of the others-concept in children. This construct is defined as a person's general expectancies or perceptions about other people along a positive-negative continuum. Behavioral data are reported which replicate findings from earlier, smaller studies that children who have(More)
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