Deborah Ann Black

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PURPOSE The current randomized trials comparing video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) lobectomy with open lobectomy for patients with early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) have been of small size. We performed the present meta-analysis of the randomized and nonrandomized comparative studies in an attempt to assess the safety and efficacy of VATS(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether a lifestyle integrated approach to balance and strength training is effective in reducing the rate of falls in older, high risk people living at home. DESIGN Three arm, randomised parallel trial; assessments at baseline and after six and 12 months. Randomisation done by computer generated random blocks, stratified by sex(More)
PURPOSE The efficacy of cytoreductive surgery combined with perioperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy for patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis from colorectal carcinoma remains to be established. METHODS A systematic review of relevant studies before March 2006 was performed. Two reviewers independently appraised each study using a predetermined(More)
AIMS To validate the Patients Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) among patients with chronic disease in the Australian context and to examine the relationship between patient-assessed quality of care and patient and practice characteristics. METHODS Cross-sectional analysis of baseline data in two independent health service intervention studies(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe patterns of preterm birth and low birth weight (LBW) for infants born after assisted reproductive technology (ART) and determine whether these were associated with maternal or treatment characteristics. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study of national population data of infants conceived through ART. SETTING Australian birth records(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the perinatal outcomes of babies conceived by single embryo transfer (SET) with those conceived by double embryo transfer (DET). DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A retrospective population-based study of embryo transfer cycles in Australia and New Zealand between 2002 and 2006, using data from the Australia and New Zealand Assisted(More)
Objective. To assess the effect of meditation on work stress, anxiety and mood in full-time workers. Methods. 178 adult workers participated in an 8-week, 3-arm randomized controlled trial comparing a "mental silence" approach to meditation (n = 59) to a "relaxation" active control (n = 56) and a wait-list control (n = 63). Participants were assessed before(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if child development has a role in unintentional poisoning, by describing the pattern of hospitalization due to unintentional poisoning in children aged 0-4 years in New South Wales by single year of age and then assessing the stability of the age-specific pattern found when analyzed by sex, remoteness of residence, and(More)
BACKGROUND Workarounds circumvent or temporarily 'fix' perceived workflow hindrances to meet a goal or to achieve it more readily. Behaviours fitting the definition of workarounds often include violations, deviations, problem solving, improvisations, procedural failures and shortcuts. Clinicians implement workarounds in response to the complexity of(More)
OBJECTIVES It can be difficult to distinguish vestibular migraine (VM) from Menière's disease (MD) in its early stages. Using vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs), we sought to identify test parameters that would help discriminate between these two vestibular disorders. METHODS We first recorded ocular and cervical VEMPs (oVEMP/cVEMP) to(More)