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The Proficiency Illusion.
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Recommendations for design of the rat comet assay.
Although the rodent comet assay is gaining acceptance as a standard technique for evaluating DNA damage in vivo, there is no internationally accepted guideline for its conduct and several aspects ofExpand
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The rat bone marrow micronucleus test--study design and statistical power.
Although the rodent bone marrow micronucleus test has been in routine use for over 20 years, little work has been published to support its experimental design and all this has used the mouse ratherExpand
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Learning styles: Considerations for technology enhanced item design
This paper investigates the role of LS in K‐12 education by considering the manner in which student LS are assessed and the extent to which they have informed K‐ 12 instruction. Expand
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Conjuring Cut Scores How It Distorts Our Picture of Student Achievement By
N o Child Left Behind made many promises, one of the most important of them being a pledge to Mr. and Mrs. Smith that they would get an annual snapshot of how their little Susie is doing in school.Expand
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Is Decoding Sufficient to Predict Reading Ability in Kindergarten Through 2nd Grade Students
i List of Tables v List of Figures vii Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Chapter 2 Review of Literature 2 2.1 Three Philosophies of Reading 3 2.1.1 Bottom Up 3 2.1.2 Top Down 4 2.1.3 Interactive 5 2.2Expand