Deborah A. Zarin

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BACKGROUND Clinical trial registration allows interested parties to obtain information about ongoing and completed trials, but there are few data indicating the quality of the information provided during the registration process. We used information in the publicly available database to describe patterns of trial registration before and(More)
BACKGROUND The trial registry was expanded in 2008 to include a database for reporting summary results. We summarize the structure and contents of the results database, provide an update of relevant policies, and show how the data can be used to gain insight into the state of clinical research. METHODS We analyzed
OBJECTIVE To review patterns of publication of clinical trials funded by US National Institutes of Health (NIH) in peer reviewed biomedical journals indexed by Medline. DESIGN Cross sectional analysis. SETTING Clinical trials funded by NIH and registered within (, a trial registry and results database maintained by(More)
CONTEXT Recent reports highlight gaps between guidelines-based treatment recommendations and evidence from clinical trials that supports those recommendations. Strengthened reporting requirements for studies registered with enable a comprehensive evaluation of the national trials portfolio. OBJECTIVE To examine fundamental(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is an effective adjunct treatment for hypoxic wounds. METHODS We identified studies from technology assessment reports on HBO and a MEDLINE search from mid-1998 to August 2001. We accepted randomized controlled trials (RCTs), cohorts, and case series that reported original data, included at(More)
BACKGROUND The authors examined recent changes in the number and proportion of patients prescribed antidepressants by psychiatrists in outpatient private practice and characterized antidepressant prescription patterns by patient age, sex, race, payment source, and clinical diagnosis. METHODS The authors analyzed physician-reported data from the 1985 and(More)
Public concerns about the perils associated with incomplete or delayed reporting of results from clinical trials has heightened interest in trial registries and results databases. Here we review the current status of trial registration efforts and the challenges in developing a comprehensive system of trial registration and reporting of results.(More)
OBJECTIVE The Committee on Research on Psychiatric Treatments of the American Psychiatric Association identified treatment of major depression during pregnancy as a priority area for improvement in clinical management. The goal of this article was to assist physicians in optimizing treatment plans for childbearing women. METHOD The authors' work group(More)
BACKGROUND The practice of evidence-based medicine depends on the availability of clinically relevant research, yet questions have been raised about the generalizability of findings from randomized controlled trials (RCTs). OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to quantify differences between RCT patients and treatments and those in day-to-day clinical(More)