Deborah A. Siegele

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Large-scale genetic interaction studies provide the basis for defining gene function and pathway architecture. Recent advances in the ability to generate double mutants en masse in Saccharomyces cerevisiae have dramatically accelerated the acquisition of genetic interaction information and the biological inferences that follow. Here we describe a method(More)
EcoliWiki is the community annotation component of the PortEco (; formerly EcoliHub) project, an online data resource that integrates information on laboratory strains of Escherichia coli, its phages, plasmids and mobile genetic elements. As one of the early adopters of the wiki approach to model organism databases, EcoliWiki was designed(More)
The Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System (GONUTS) is a community-based browser and usage guide for Gene Ontology (GO) terms and a community system for general GO annotation of proteins. GONUTS uses wiki technology to allow registered users to share and edit notes on the use of each term in GO, and to contribute annotations for specific genes of(More)
WE NOTED WITH INTEREST THE LETTER " Preserving accuracy in GenBank, " (M. I. Bidartondo et al., 21 March, p. 1616) and the related News of the Week story " Proposal to 'wikify' GenBank meets stiff resistance " (E. Pennisi, 21 March, p. 1598). David Lipman's fears that wikifying GenBank " would be chaos " are widely shared, but those fears should be balanced(More)
PortEco ( aims to collect, curate and provide data and analysis tools to support basic biological research in Escherichia coli (and eventually other bacterial systems). PortEco is implemented as a 'virtual' model organism database that provides a single unified interface to the user, while integrating information from a variety of(More)
All cells must adapt to rapidly changing conditions. The heat shock response (HSR) is an intracellular signaling pathway that maintains proteostasis (protein folding homeostasis), a process critical for survival in all organisms exposed to heat stress or other conditions that alter the folding of the proteome. Yet despite decades of study, the circuitry(More)
We propose a novel strategy for discovering motifs from gene expression data. The gene expression data in our experiments comes from DNA Microarray analysis of the bacterium E. coli in response to recovery from nutrient starvation. We have annotated the data and identified the upregulated genes. Our interest is to find common regulatory motifs that are(More)
Phenotypic data are routinely used to elucidate gene function in organisms amenable to genetic manipulation. However, previous to this work, there was no generalizable system in place for the structured storage and retrieval of phenotypic information for bacteria. The Ontology of Microbial Phenotypes (OMP) has been created to standardize the capture of such(More)
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