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Fibro-osseous lesions of the bone are well-recognized primary bone tumours. However, given the degree of overlap of imaging findings and variation in management of various sub-types, it is a widely accepted practice to perform a biopsy to obtain histopathological confirmation of the diagnosis. The following is a summary of the epidemiology,(More)
BACKGROUND Neurally mediated syncope is a common and frequently distressing problem. It is associated with a poor quality of life, which improves when the frequency of syncope is reduced. Few therapies for neurally mediated syncope have been proven effective. Fludrocortisone is commonly used to prevent recurrences of syncope but with little evidence to(More)
gow).-An index was described for the numerical measurement of joint tenderness in patients with rheu-matoid arthritis. The index is based on the summation of a number of quantitative evaluations of the pain experienced by the patient when the joints were subjected to pressures when exerted over the articular margin or in some instances on movement of the(More)
Over a 2 month period, 33 patients with injuries caused by golf clubs were identified among attenders at the accident and emergency department at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The vast majority of these were to the face and head, including three compound skull fractures. Attention is drawn to the average age of those injured (8.1 years) and to the fact that only(More)
This exploratory, descriptive study was undertaken to identify common questions and concerns that patients with vasovagal syncope have about their condition. A semistructured interview format was used to survey patients' subjective learning needs. Interview transcripts were analyzed qualitatively for content themes using the grounded theory procedure of(More)