Deborah A. Pelli

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Three cytotoxicity assays were evaluated using 57 chemicals of various classes (inorganic and organic metal salts, solvents, detergents, reagents, drugs) which have widely different mechanisms of cytotoxicity. Baby hamster kidney fibroblasts (BHK-21/C13) and early (Keller) and late (MRC-5) passage human fibroblasts were used to measure cell detachment,(More)
Eight inorganic metal compounds (AlCl3, Al(OH)3 gel, Al(OH)3 salt, SnCl2, ZnSO4, K2Cr2O7, CdCl2, HgCl2) were tested for their cytotoxic effect on an established hamster fibroblast line (BHK-21/C13) in vitro using a cell detachment assay and two different growth assays, the cloning effieciency and the cell number after 2 days subconfluent culture as(More)
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