Deborah A Jones

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INTRODUCTION The health benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise are well-known. Such exercise, however, has traditionally been defined as vigorous physical activity, such as jogging, swimming, or aerobic dance. Exercise of moderate intensity also promotes health, and many U.S. adults may be experiencing the health benefits of exercise through lifestyle(More)
The pathophysiology of peri-lesion boundary zones in acute brain injury is highly dynamic, and it is now clear that spreading-depression-like events occur frequently in areas of cerebral cortex adjacent to contusions in the injured human brain. An automated method to assay microdialysate from peri-lesion cerebral cortex in 11 patients with intracranial(More)
BACKGROUND Loads acting on scoliotic spines are thought to be asymmetric and involved in progression of the scoliotic deformity; abnormal loading patterns lead to changes in bone and disc cell activity and hence to vertebral body and disc wedging. At present however there are no direct measurements of intradiscal stresses or pressures in scoliotic spines.(More)
Traumatic brain injury leads to a rise in glutamate, interference with oxygen supply and secondary neuronal death in the region surrounding the primary lesion. In the present experiments we have examined the effect of combining glutamate infusion with hypoxia on both brain metabolism and neuronal death. We have used microdialysis in unanaesthetised rats(More)
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