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This article has given a broadbrush description of issues related to smart-grid security. Designing solutions in at this stage, before widespread deployment, would be beneficial; in some cases solutions exist, whereas in others research investments will be needed. Several open questions about goals still require discussion, especially around such topics as(More)
Recent surveys indicate that the financial impact and operating losses due to insider intrusions are increasing. But these studies often disagree on what constitutes an " insider; " indeed, many define it only implicitly. In theory, appropriate selection of, and enforcement of, properly specified security policies should prevent legitimate users from(More)
paper discusses breaking the escalation cycle that locks cyber intruders and their targets in a state where targets are perennially resigned to attacks and intruders are at liberty to exploit and disrupt networks without much risk of suffering consequences. Using systems and case analyses, several research questions are explored, resulting in the(More)
Embedded systems have become integral parts of a diverse range of systems. Unfortunately, research on embedded system security, in general, and intrusion detection, in particular, has not kept pace. Embedded systems are, by nature, application specific and therefore frameworks for developing application-specific intrusion detection systems for distributed(More)
ntrusions and misuses of computer systems are becoming a major concern. Our nation's infrastructure is heavily network based in all industries. However, the nation's network infrastructure can't deal with attacks on a local or global scale, leaving network and computer security up to an organization's individual efforts. With the growing concern with regard(More)
Accurate identification of misuse is a key factor in determining appropriate ways to protect systems. Modern intrusion detection systems often use alerts from different sources such as hosts and sub-networks to determine whether and how to respond to an attack. However, alerts from different locations should not be treated equally. We propose improving and(More)
As computer and network intrusions become more and more of a concern, the need for better capabilities to assist in the detection and analysis of intrusions also increases. System administrators typically rely on log files to analyze usage and detect misuse. However, as a consequence of the amount of data collected by each machine, multiplied by the tens or(More)