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BACKGROUND It is well known that blood pressure measurement with a standard 12-13 cm wide cuff is erroneous for large arms. OBJECTIVE To compare arm blood pressure measurements with an appropriate cuff and forearm blood pressure measurements (BPM) with a standard cuff, and both measurements by the Photopletismography (Finapres) method. METHODS One(More)
Arterial blood pressure measurement is an essential conduct to evaluate the condition of the cardiovascular system. Digital teaching environment is a powerful tool for the teaching-learning process, because it adds meaning and concreteness to the content to be learned, and it can be useful to instruct this procedure. The objective of this study was to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the sphygmomanometers calibration accuracy and the physical conditions of the cuff-bladder, bulb, pump, and valve. METHODS Sixty hundred and forty five aneroid sphygmomanometers were evaluated, 521 used in private practice and 124 used in hospitals. Aneroid manometers were tested against a properly calibrated mercury manometer and(More)
Objective To describe the experience of planning and developing online refresher courses in nursing management for nurses in the contexts of Brazil and Portugal. Method The instructional design was based on meaningful learning theory, andragogy, and dialectical methodology, so it valued interaction between the actors, emphasizing the scenarios of practice(More)
Students who participate in courses and training offered in distance mode receive positive results in learning evaluations. Most studies show improvement in knowledge in pre- and post- course comparisons; however, there are still few evaluations of long-term knowledge retention. This study compares the learning scores of online training for health(More)
The blood pressure measure is part of the physical exam and it should be accomplished in every medical consultation. To verify the blood pressure measured in the accomplished medical consultations record of first they were consulted it consults 500 patient's ambulatorial being 335 (67%) coming of medical and surgical clinics and 165 (33%) of the(More)
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