Debopriyo Roy

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Ideally, illustrations for procedural documents should show actions from the point of view of performers, especially if performers’ bodies need to be positioned a particular way to perform actions. At the same time, illustrations also should ameliorate the limits of two-dimensional displays (such as the printed page or electronic screen) by showing bodies,(More)
Throughout their public school education, Japanese students are socialized into cultural learning practices [1] that emphasize group-oriented tasks. Well-organized group work is paramount to successful EFL teaching in Japan. In this paper, we look at how Moodle an open-source learning management system, is used at a Japanese computer science university to(More)
This research explored how website analysis and design pedagogy could help support analytical thinking and English language production in an EFL context. In this study, 28 EFL-based computer science students took part in a website analysis experiment. The study investigated if students could analyze English websites and comprehend and produce responses in(More)
Mobile Technology is constantly evolving and offering new capabilities for supporting higher data transmission, storage, and multimedia formats that can be beneficial for Language Acquisition. Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) publications have been reviewed for two main perspectives: The Content -based approach and the Designissues approach. This(More)
The primary research question in this paper revolved around the logistics and feasibility of using iPad to perform the processes related to 3D scanning, design and technical documentation for task-based English language learning in a non-native classroom environment. The project discussed the use of IPads to scan a physical object using iSense scanners, use(More)
Concept maps have been traditionally used as a technique for information comprehension, visualization, brainstorming, schematization and document production in multiple ways. They are also considered an effective tool for visual-spatial learning. Concept maps have been used successfully in EFL learning situations. However, in most cases, concept maps have(More)
A simple classification as visual or verbal learner is an over-simplification of users’ learning behavior. Often readers approach the task in terms of their interpretation of the situation. In this experimental study, readers confronted imagery invoking text with graphic details of surgical actions. Readers were asked to mentally animate the impending(More)
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