Debmalya Sinha

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Recent past has witnessed rapid growth on the usage of CCTV and video camera to beep up security in almost all aspects of life. This has resulted in tremendous growth of video content and its processing time. One of the challenges faced in this area is fast and efficient processing of these huge contents of video images. Therefore, integrating the(More)
Users, especially beginners, have problem finding files from large, ever growing filesystem. Common practice is to memorize the pathnames of frequently accessed folders and files which increases the cognitive load while file browsing. A suitable solution is to have a semantic hierarchy among folders so that the users can use reasoning instead of memorizing(More)
Proper semantic categorization and organization of filesystem is the key to find files and folders later easily. There is a significant role of rearrangement of files between different folders by cut/copy and paste while organizing a filesystem. Conventional file browsers have only unidirectional file copy system where a file can be copied only between one(More)
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