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A significant hurdle towards realization of practical and scalable quantum computing is to protect the quantum states from inherent noises during the computation. In physical implementation of quantum circuits, a long-distance interaction between two qubits is undesirable since, it can be interpreted as a noise. Therefore, multiple quantum technologies and(More)
[1] Dmitri B. Strukov, Duncan R. Stewart, Julien Borghetti, Xuema Li, Matthew D. Pickett, Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro, Warren Robinett, Gregory S. Snider, John Paul Strachan, Wei Wu, Qiangfei Xia, J. Joshua Yang, R. Stanley Williams: Hybrid CMOS/memristor circuits. ISCAS 2010. pp1967-1970 [2] Debjyoti Bhattacharjee, and Anupam Chattopadhyay: Delay-optimal(More)
With diverse types of emerging devices offering simultaneous capability of storage and logic operations, researchers have proposed novel platforms that promise gains in energy-efficiency. Such platforms can be classified into two domains — application-specific and general-purpose. The application-specific in-memory computing platforms include machine(More)
Recent propositions of diverse In-Memory Computing platforms have shown a promising alternative to classical Von Neumann computing models. Significant benefits, in terms of energy-efficiency and performance, are reported for in-memory arithmetic circuits, neural networks, CAM, cache hierarchy and even fully programmable processors. In contrast, design(More)
With an increasing popularity of social-media, people post updates that aid other users in finding answers to their questions. Most of the user-generated data on social-media are in code-mixed or multi-script form, where the words are represented phonetically in a non-native script. We address the problem of Question-Classfication on social-media data. We(More)
Increasing design complexity, skyrocketing fabrication costs for modern digital systems coupled with an unacceptably large number of silicon respins led to growing importance of comprehensive and automated design verification. Akin to software configuration management, it is becoming commonplace to maintain large hardware design code-bases with hardware(More)
Fast downscaling of technology features in CMOS fabrication processes have resulted in numerous insurmountablechallenges, which prompted researchers to explore alternativestorage and computing technologies. Resistive RAM (ReRAM) isa promising non-volatile storage technology with high endurance, high retention capacity and compatibility with CMOS(More)
In-memory computing platforms, such as Resistive RAM (ReRAM), offer natural advantage to data-intensive applications. The benefits of data locality and capability to perform native Boolean operations is exploited for significant performance advantage in multiple contexts ranging across neuromorphic computing, associative memory-based computing, arithmetic(More)