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Pongamia pinata methyl ester (PPME) is chosen as alternative fuel for diesel engines. It is renewable and offer potential reduction in CO; HC and smoke emissions due to higher O 2 contents in it compared to diesel fuel but higher nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the atmosphere cause serious environmental problems, such as(More)
— The use of biodiesel, the methyl esters of vegetable oils are becoming popular due to their low environmental impact and potential as a green alternative fuel for diesel engine. The aim of this study is to potential use of Pongamia oil methyl ester as a substitute for diesel fuel in diesel engine. Various proportions of Pongamia and Diesel (B25, B50, B75,(More)
The PANDA experiment at the facility for anti-proton and ion research (FAIR) will study the strong interaction by precision spectroscopy. A detector system with excellent particle identification (PID) is therefore required. Charged hadron identification in the barrel region will be performed by a compact ring imaging Cherenkov detector based on the DIRC(More)
The allure of integrating the tunable properties of soft nanomaterials with the unique optical and electronic properties of metal nanoparticles has led to the development of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials. A promising method for the synthesis of such organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials is afforded by the in situ generation of metal nanoparticles(More)
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