Debjani Bhar

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Syndapins belong to the F-BAR domain protein family whose predicted functions in membrane tubulation remain poorly studied in vivo. At Drosophila neuromuscular junctions, syndapin is associated predominantly with a tubulolamellar postsynaptic membrane system known as the subsynaptic reticulum (SSR). We show that syndapin overexpression greatly expands this(More)
Interactions between yeast Dnm1p, Mdv1p, and Fis1p are required to form fission complexes that catalyze division of the mitochondrial compartment. During the formation of mitochondrial fission complexes, the Dnm1p GTPase self-assembles into large multimeric complexes on the outer mitochondrial membrane that are visualized as punctate structures by(More)
To initiate mitochondrial fission, dynamin-related proteins (DRPs) must bind specific adaptors on the outer mitochondrial membrane. The structural features underlying this interaction are poorly understood. Using yeast as a model, we show that the Insert B domain of the Dnm1 guanosine triphosphatase (a DRP) contains a novel motif required for association(More)
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