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STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional. OBJECTIVES To measure fear of movement/reinjury levels and determine the association with function at different timeframes during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction rehabilitation. We hypothesized that fear of movement/reinjury would decrease during rehabilitation and be inversely related with function. (More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory-based studies on neuromuscular control after concussion and epidemiological studies suggest that concussion may increase the risk of subsequent musculoskeletal injury. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine if athletes have an increased risk of lower extremity musculoskeletal injury after return to play from a(More)
STUDY DESIGN Laboratory study, cross-sectional. OBJECTIVES To determine if the magnitude of frontal plane knee angle, as determined with a 3-D motion-capture system (knee abduction angle [KAA]) or digital video (frontal plane projection angle [FPPA]), varies among groups of individuals with different frontal plane knee position, as determined by(More)
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