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A 16 Gb 8-level NAND flash chip on 56 nm CMOS technology has been fabricated and is being reported for the first time. This is the first 3-bit per cell (X3) chip published with all-bitline (ABL) architecture, which doubles the write performance compared with conventional shielded bitline architecture. A new advanced cache program algorithm provides another(More)
We present an 8 MB/s 3-bit per cell (D3) NAND flash memory that uses the same number of ECC bytes as 2-bit per cell (D2) NAND. Since no extra columns are added in D3 devices, the 16 Gb D3 chip in this paper achieves 0.112 Gb/mm<sup>2</sup> compared to 0.079 Gb/mm<sup>2</sup> on D2 chips, as previously reported (K. Takeuchi et al.,2006). This is a 41%(More)
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