Debessay Fesehaye

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—In this paper we analyze and study the impact of cloudlets in interactive mobile cloud applications. To study the impact we propose the design of cloudlet network and service architectures. Our study focuses on file editing, video streaming and collaborative chatting which are representative enterprise application scenarios. Initial simulation results show(More)
This paper introduces the abstraction of energy reserves for sensor networks that virtualizes energy sources. It gives each of several applications sharing a platform the illusion of having its own private energy source. Energy virtualiza-tion is the next logical step in embedded systems after virtu-alizing communication links and CPU capacity. Energy(More)
With the fast growth of (online) content and the need for high quality content services, cloud data centers are increasingly becoming the preferred places to store data and retrieve it from. With a highly variable network traffic and limited resources, efficient server selection and data transfer rate allocation mechanisms become necessary. However, current(More)
Applications like Twitter which use chat-like short messaging systems (SMS) have been widely used in public, political, military, emergency, humanitarian and other fields. Such applications usually involve servers (controllers) which control and forward messages from a sending client to a receiving client. The use of mobile wireless networks for such(More)
—Existing literature shows that Peer-to-Peer (P2P) content sharing can result in significant scalability gains in addition to assisting content distribution networks (CDNs). However, currently proposed CDN and P2P hybrid schemes do not provide accurate and efficient incentives to attract and maintain more peers. Besides, they do not use efficient(More)
— Distributed systems have been widely deployed and used in different fields. The Internet itself with all the challenges it brings is one of the successful distributed systems. There have been a lot of research in the efficient design, implementation and evaluation of distributed systems. One of the research challenges in distributed systems is the design(More)
The transmission control protocol (TCP) is the major transport protocol in the Internet. TCP and its variants have the drawback of not accurately knowing rate share of flows at bottleneck links. Some protocols proposed to address these drawbacks are not fair to short flows, which are the majority of the Internet traffic. Other protocols result in high queue(More)