Debdutta Majumdar

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Micropthalmia transcription factor (Mitf) is involved in melanocyte development and differentiation. The current study was undertaken to determine whether there is a relationship between Mitf expression and survival in patients with intermediate-thickness (1.0-4.0 mm) melanoma. Original paraffin blocks or slides of the primary tumor were accessible in 63(More)
BACKGROUND This first-in-human, phase I clinical trial of p28 (NSC745104), a 28-amino-acid fragment of the cupredoxin azurin, investigated the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and preliminary activity of p28 in patients with p53(+) metastatic solid tumours. METHODS A total of 15 patients were administered p28 i.v. as a short infusion three times per(More)
PURPOSE Vasculogenic mimicry patterns, formed by highly invasive melanoma cells, connect to endothelial cell-lined blood vessels and contain fluid in vitroand in vivo. This study was designed to determine if fluid leaks into vasculogenic mimicry patterns without circulation, or if fluid circulates in and clears from these patterns. METHODS Indocyanine(More)
In view of the fact that reserpine treatment lowers pain threshold, structural analogues of reserpine molecule were tested against thermal and visceral pain. Some compounds belonging to piperidino- and morpholino derivatives of acetanilide showed promising analgesic activity. These compounds in earlier studies had shown tranquillizing effect. Combination(More)
The concept which has evolved in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus is early insulin therapy. In type 2 diabetes mellitus first phase insulin response is grossly impaired on eventually absent, overburdening phase 2 responses which obviously fail to compensate in the long run. Perpetuation of the age old practice to continue OHA while almost all(More)
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides a more reliable assessment of actual BP than office BP and is a more sensitive risk predictor of clinical cardiovascular outcomes. Recent international guidelines for hypertension have emphasised the usefulness of ambulatory BP for diagnosis and management of hypertension. We used ambulatory blood pressure(More)
13106 Background: The use of live or attenuated pathogenic bacteria in the treatment of cancer dates back to the late nineteen hundreds when William B. Coley first reported that inducing Streptococcal infection resulted in tumor regression. However, the hazards of using live bacteria are obvious. Similarly, the results of using attenuated bacteria have been(More)