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Copper is essential for spermatogenesis and its presence has been demonstrated in male and female reproductive fluids in several mammalian species. However, little is known about the physiological significance of this trace element in the regulation of forward progression of mammalian sperm cells which is essential for sperm fertility potential in vivo. The(More)
Forward motility stimulating factor (FMSF), a glycoprotein isolated from buffalo serum, binds to the surface of the mature sperm cells to promote their progressive motility. This article reports the mode of signal transduction of this extracellular factor in goat sperm. The mechanism was investigated by assaying intracellular second messenger level and(More)
Forward motility stimulating factor (FMSF) is a glycoprotein previously purified from buffalo blood serum that promotes progressive motility of caprine caudal spermatozoa. We have prepared a functionally active covalent conjugate of this factor with horseradish-peroxidase (HRP) to obtain an idea of its binding efficacy on maturing spermatozoa.(More)
Our recent studies have described for the first time the purification of an ectoprotein kinase to apparent homogeneity using caprine sperm as the model. Purified ectokinase (CIK) is a novel membrane protein-specific kinase that phosphorylates serine and threonine residues of ectophosphoproteins. This study, using ELISA based on ecto-CIK antibody(More)
Effects of several bivalent metal ions on the autoagglutination event in mature caprine epididymal sperm cells have been investigated using a chemically defined medium. This study demonstrates for the first time that Copper (Cu2+) ion (300 μM) has high specificity for autoagglutination of mature cauda-epididymal sperm. Head-to-head interaction of the male(More)
Sperm capacitation depends on several features like hormones, ions, intracellular signaling, sperm associated molecules, etc. Anti sticking factor (ASF) is a novel sperm surface associated glycoprotein isolated from epididymal plasma. Function of ASF in vivo has not been revealed yet. The current study is an attempt to highlight the surface localization of(More)
Forward-motility-stimulating factor (FMSF) is a protein, originally purified from bubaline serum, that promotes progressive motility of mature spermatozoa. FMSF binds to sperm surface receptors and activates transmembrane adenylyl cyclase (tmAC), causing a rise in intracellular cyclic AMP level ([cAMP]i) and subsequent activation of a protein kinase(More)
Isolated caprine epididymal plasma glycoprotein "anti sticking factor" (ASF) interacts with caudal sperm surface in a D-galactose dependent manner. ASF acts as a Ca(2+) dependent soluble lectin principally activated in acidic pH. As a D-galactose specific lectin, it has a specific affinity for fibronectin as well as fibronectin receptor, i.e. integrins α5β3(More)
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