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BACKGROUND Waste-disposal sites are a potential hazard to health. This study is a multicentre case-control study of the risk of congenital anomalies associated with residence near hazardous-waste landfill sites in Europe. METHODS We used data from seven regional registers of congenital anomalies in five countries. We studied 1089 livebirths, stillbirths,(More)
The acute effects of inhaled nitric oxide (NO) (40 ppm in air) on pulmonary (PVR) and systemic (SVR) vascular resistance were compared with those of an intravenous infusion of prostacyclin (24 micrograms/h) in 8 patients with severe pulmonary hypertension and 10 cardiac patients with normal values of PVR. 10 healthy volunteers were studied non-invasively.(More)
computers (Stone et al., 2005). Humans interact with computers through a user interface. The design of this user interface and, specifically, the usability of the evaluation of the usability of university websites in terms of the types of ineffective internal search function, difficulty using PDF documents, poor page design. UI and UX design patterns. •(More)
The phenomenal growth of the Internet over the last few years, coupled with the development of various multimedia applications which exploit the Internet presents exciting opportunities for educators. In the context of distance education, the World Wide Web provides a unique challenge as a new delivery mechanism for course material allowing students to take(More)
AIMS To investigate socioeconomic inequalities in the risk of congenital anomalies, focusing on risk of specific anomaly subgroups. METHODS A total of 858 cases of congenital anomaly and 1764 non-malformed control births were collected between 1986 and 1993 from four UK congenital malformation registers, for the purposes of a European multicentre case(More)
Previous findings of the EUROHAZCON study showed a 33% increase in risk of non-chromosomal anomalies near hazardous waste landfill sites. Here, we studied 245 cases of chromosomal anomalies and 2412 controls who lived near 23 such sites in Europe. After adjustment for confounding by maternal age and socioeconomic status, we noted a higher risk of(More)
Creating usable interfaces is an essential part of software development. User Interface Design and Evaluation presents the complete process, from requirements gathering through gaining support for the proposed design. This well-organized book explains the process with the help of numerous illustrations, exercises, and case studies. Its broad coverage of(More)
This retrospective survey was undertaken between 2002 and 2007 on samples from dogs residing in Grenada. The objectives of the study were to identify the most common histologic types of canine cutaneous tumors, determine the relative frequency of each tumor type, and compare results to reports from other regions. In a series of 225 skin masses examined, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether standard information for patients using Crunchie and Aero chocolate bars to explain bone health and risk of fracture is robust. DESIGN Observational study. SETTING Domestic kitchen in rural west Wales. PARTICIPANTS 10 Crunchie bars and 10 Aero bars. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE Fracture after falls from varying heights. RESULTS(More)