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The presence of taste and odor compounds can greatly reduce the quality of drinking water supplies. Because the monetary costs associated with the removal of these compounds can be high, it is impractical for most facilities to continuously treat their raw water. Instead, new tools are needed to help predict when taste and odor events may be most likely to(More)
INTRODUCTION Sunflower Electric's Great Bend Station (GBS) located near Heizer, Kansas in Barton County discharges spent cooling water to an unnamed tributary of Dry Walnut Creek, a tributary of the Walnut River that flows into the Arkansas River east of Great Bend Kansas (Figure 1). Currently, the State of Kansas's discharge limitations for selenium are(More)
Responding may change substantially over the course of a session (McSweeney, Hinson, & Cannon, 1996). The role of satiation in this effect was investigated in three experiments. Experiment 1 showed that the capacity of pigeons to consume milo over a 1-hr period was relatively stable across three different methods of measurement. In Experiment 2, pigeons(More)
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