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The presence of taste and odor compounds can greatly reduce the quality of drinking water supplies. Because the monetary costs associated with the removal of these compounds can be high, it is impractical for most facilities to continuously treat their raw water. Instead, new tools are needed to help predict when taste and odor events may be most likely to(More)
The U.S. blood supply is the safest it has ever been. Due to blood safety and the introduction of viral inactivation/clearance technologies, protein therapies derived from human blood have also in recent years had a history of product safety. Nevertheless, since 1995, the plasma-fractionation industry has experienced increased compliance-related actions by(More)
Pump-priming funding was used to implement a three-month pilot project of two satellite clinics. We conducted a review to determine the impact of the satellite clinics on the local genitourinary (GU) medicine service and the level of success with reference to priorities in the National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV. A total of 140 patients attended a(More)
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