Debbie L. Humphries

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Cerebral blood flow (CBF) was measured with the 133Xenon inhalation technique and forehead skin flow with laser Doppler, before and twice after 0.3 milligram/kilogram of cocaine hydrochloride and a placebo given intravenously to six cocaine abusers, during two visits, separated by a minimum of one week. After cocaine, subjects showed significant increases(More)
BACKGROUND Ready-to-use supplementary food (RUSF) is increasingly used as a component of food rations for adults with HIV. METHODS We undertook a qualitative study to evaluate the acceptability and use of peanut-based RUSF compared to corn-soy blend (CSB) among adults living with HIV in rural Haiti who had been enrolled in a prospective, randomized trial(More)
Depression is the leading cause of mental disability worldwide. Women who are depressed during pregnancy are at a higher risk for preterm delivery, preeclampsia, birth difficulties, and postpartum depression. The treatment of depression in conventional medicine has focused on physiological factors that lead to impaired neurotransmitter function and(More)
  • M Sullivan, G Bowden, H Destaebler, S Ecklund, J Hodgson, T Mattison +11 others
  • 1996
1 ABSTRACT We describe the Interaction Region (IR) for the PEP-II project[l], a collaboration of SLAC, LBNL, and LLNL. The near IR region inboard of 3 m from the interaction point (IP) is designed to focus the 3.1 GeV low-energy beam (LEB) and bring it into head-on collision with the 9 GeV high-energy beam (HEB). We describe the overall design parameters of(More)
BACKGROUND Relative to plant-based foods, animal source foods (ASFs) are richer in accessible protein, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B-12 and other nutrients. Because of their nutritional value, particularly for childhood growth and nutrition, it is important to identify factors influencing ASF consumption, especially for poorer households that generally(More)
Age and portion size have been found to influence food intake in American children but have not been examined in an international context. This study evaluated the association between age and the effects of portion size on the food intake of kindergarteners in Kunming, China. Using a within-subjects crossover design in a classroom setting, 173 children in(More)
Over the past two decades, the importance of addressing the complexity of the food system in ways that draw on new approaches to knowledge generation and new research paradigms has attracted significant attention (1, 2). This research topic explores the nexus of public health, food systems, food behavior, and food ways, focusing on belief systems, values,(More)
Inhabitants of the high-mountain Andes have already begun to experience changes in the timing, severity, and patterning of annual weather cycles. These changes have important implications for agriculture, for human health, and for the conservation of biodiversity in the region. This paper examines the implications of climate-driven changes for native and(More)
  • Tiffanie Jones, Frank Lin, Avantika Saraf, Katherine Lamonaca, Alix Pose-Sussman, Debbie Humphries
  • 2012
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. Rates of smoking are highest among low-income populations, contributing to many forms of health disparities. Smoking cessation has emerged as an important preventative avenue for reducing the population-level attributable risk of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and(More)