Debbie Kinsey

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This review aimed to provide an overview of the current research on the psychological impact of overactive bladder. A systematic search yielded 32 papers. It was found that people with overactive bladder tended to have greater levels of depression, anxiety and embarrassment/shame; difficulties with social life; impact on sleep and sexual relationships; and(More)
Foster care is a complex setting in which to provide therapeutic interventions due to the high rates of difficulty, poor outcomes and high numbers of professionals and carers involved. This systematic review aims to examine interventions that have been empirically assessed in foster care. Thirty papers describing 20 interventions were included. It was found(More)
Holstein male calves were maintained on conventional (milk to 6 wk of age, fed grain and hay after weaning) and veal (milk replacer only) diets to 16 wk of age. Within each of these 2 physiological states (ruminating or non-ruminating), calves were fed low or high fat diets (ruminating: 3 and 10%; veal: 10 and 18%). Glucose tolerance tests were undertaken(More)
Under the stress of acute hypertonic salt loading, hypertensives excrete sodium at a much greater rate than normotensives. Immediately following splanchnicectomy, sodium excretion is markedly reduced in the hypertensive, but after several months it returns toward preoperative levels. There appears to be a rough correlation between maximum rate of sodium(More)
Approximately 450 samples of about 100 types of foods consumed by rural and urban Ohioans were analyzed for selenium. Meat, dairy products, eggs, and grain products produced in Ohio have considerably lower selenium content than corresponding products produced in high selenium areas, such as South Dakota. Retail Ohio foods with interregional distribution(More)