Debbie J. R. Cherney

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forage K concentration was Ͻ12 g kg Ϫ1 (Brown et al., 1969). Timothy stands should persist over time with a High K grass forage increases risk of animal metabolic disorders, concentration of 15 to 18 g K kg Ϫ1 in headed spring and forage management of perennial grass grown under K-limiting soil conditions needs further study. Our objective was to evaluate(More)
A large area of unutilized or underutilized marginal land in the northeastern USA, some of which currently produce a mature hay crop for use as mulch, is potentially suitable for bioenergy crop production. Mature-mixed grass hay bales (n = 1980) were sampled across New York in late summer and fall of 2011 and 2012 from 65 farms. Chemical analysis of 19(More)
Smallholder farmers in Kenya collect manure from confined cattle housing termed zero-grazing units. Zero-grazing designs may include urine collection, though the effectiveness of these designs in improving manure N content has not been established. The manure-urine mixtures produced in these units were simulated to determine urine effects on manure N(More)
We present the BRST cohomologies of a class of constraint (super) Lie algebras as detour complexes. By giving physical interpretations to the components of detour complexes as gauge invariances, Bianchi identities and equations of motion we obtain a large class of new gauge theories. The pivotal new machinery is a treatment of the ghost Hilbert space(More)
We present gauge invariant, self adjoint Einstein operators for mixed symmetry higher spin theories. The result applies to multi-forms, multi-symmetric forms and mixed antisymmetric and symmetric multi-forms. It also yields explicit action principles for these theories in terms of their minimal covariant field content. For known cases, these actions imply(More)
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