Debbie J Daunt

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BACKGROUND Telemanipulation systems have enabled coronary revascularization on the arrested heart. The purpose of this study was to develop a technique for computer-enhanced endoscopic coronary artery bypass grafting on the beating heart. METHODS The operation was performed using the daVinci telemanipulation system. Through three ports, the left internal(More)
The concept of a majority population in America is rapidly giving way to a collection of minority populations. To ensure representative study sample populations, nurse researchers must gain the ability to access many culturally and ethnically diverse groups. By examining common challenges to recruitment, many of the pitfalls of minority recruitment may be(More)
BACKGROUND Due to limited range of motion, endoscopic multivessel revascularization is difficult through a thoracic approach. METHODS A computer-enhanced surgical telemanipulation system was used to perform transabdominal endoscopic grafting (TCAB) in an experimental cadaver model. After incising the membranous portion of the diaphragm, pericardium, and(More)
Neuromuscular blocking agents (muscle relaxants) are useful and common adjuncts to general anesthesia for human beings, but have not been used extensively during anesthesia of large animal species. Over a 3-year period, atracurium or pancuronium were used as adjuncts to general anesthesia for 89 anesthetic procedures in 88 equids (of 18 breeds and age(More)
Family Studies and Social Work, Miami University; Jane Armer is Professor, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri-Columbia and Director of Nursing Research, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center; Debbie Daunt is Assistant Professor of Nursing, Dominican University of California; Julie Dusold, BS, MS, and Scott Culbertson, MD, were research assistants with(More)
BACKGROUND: Improvements in breast cancer treatment and early diagnosis are leading to increasing numbers of breast cancer survivors, many of whom are experiencing upper limb lymphoedema as a post-treatment outcome. Current management techniques of breast cancer-related lymphoedema produce uneven results, signifying a need for research in this area. AIMS:(More)
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