Debbie Emma Baker

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The objective of this presentation is to relate the abundance and mobility of Cd in components of terrestrial ecosystems with implications for land utilization of sewage sludge. The uptake of Cd by crop plants is a function of the quantity of the element in the soil plus other soil factors affecting the Cd ion activity or electrochemical potential at the(More)
We present atomic force microscopy and force spectroscopy data of live hepatocytes (HEPG2/C3A liver cell line) grown in Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium, a complex solution of salts and amino acids commonly used for cell culture. Contact-mode imaging and force spectroscopy of this system allowed correlation of cell morphology and extracellular matrix (ECM)(More)
Background Malignant cells may be recognised by T cells binding cell surface Class I HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen)-peptide complexes presenting disease-associated epitopes. Many cancer patients have been shown to generate CD8 cytotoxic T cell responses to tumour-associated antigens. However, this is often insufficient for the immune system to clear tumours,(More)
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