Debbie De Rantere

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Proteoglycan 4 (PRG4/lubricin) is secreted by cells that reside in articular cartilage and line the synovial joint. Lubricin may play a role in modulating inflammatory responses through interaction with CD44. This led us to examine if lubricin could be playing a larger role in the modulation of inflammation/immunity through interaction with Toll-like(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of facial expressions associated with pain has been used to evaluate pain in humans and has recently found application in non-human mammals. These so called 'grimace scales' have the potential to be developed into a widely accepted non-invasive method of measuring pain in laboratory rodents. Currently, common methodologies to(More)
Gradual filling of a chamber with carbon dioxide is currently listed by the Canadian Council on Animal Care guidelines as a conditionally acceptable method of euthanasia for rats. Behavioural evidence suggests, however, that exposure to carbon dioxide gas is aversive. Isoflurane is less aversive than carbon dioxide and may be a viable alternative, though(More)
Our limited ability to assess spontaneous pain in rodent models of painful human conditions may be associated with a translational failure of promising analgesic compounds in to clinical use. If measurement of spontaneous pain behaviours can be used to generate an analgesic intervention score their use could expand to guide the use of analgesics, as(More)
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