Debbie Constant

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Mid-sagittal magnetic resonance images of 104 normal individuals were analyzed to assess whether or not the corpus callosum or parts thereof is sexually dimorphic in favor of females. Subjects were 56 males and 48 females, both groups being closely age matched. The outline of the corpus callosum was divided into seven subareas, using three different(More)
Cervical cancer is due to infection with specific high-risk types of human papillomavirus (HPV). Although the incidence of genital HPV infection in various population groups is high, most of these regress without intervention. Investigating genetic host factors and cellular immune responses, particularly cytokines, could help to understand the association(More)
The prevalence and degree of taurodontism (enlargement of the pulp cavity) in the mandibular permanent molars of two recent population samples from southern Africa were investigated quantitatively from lateral radiographs. The degree of occlusal wear was scored and two measures of relative pulp cavity size were recorded for each tooth. There was a(More)
Modern humans exhibit increasing relative enamel thickness from M1 to M3. Some biomechanical (basic lever) models predict that the more distal molars in humans encounter higher occlusal forces, and it has been postulated that this provides a functional explanation for the observed gradient in relative enamel thickness. However, constrained three-dimensional(More)
There is a high incidence of cervical cancer in South African women. No large studies to assess human papillomavirus virus (HPV) infection or HPV type 16 (HPV-16) exposure have occurred in the region, a requirement for policy making with regards to HPV screening and the introduction of vaccines. Control women (n = 1,003) enrolled in a case control study of(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for HIV-positive women and men often neglect their fertility desires. We examined factors associated with pregnancy intent among recently diagnosed HIV-positive women (N = 106) and men (N = 91) who reported inconsistent condom use and were enrolled in an SRH intervention conducted in public sector HIV(More)
This study aims to quantify the physical demands of a sample of late 18th century skeletons from an unmarked burial site on Cobern Street, Cape Town, South Africa. Historical studies suggest that these individuals were either slaves or "free black" people of low socioeconomic standing. Cortical cross-sectional areas of paired humeri and tibiae from the(More)
Integration of sexual and reproductive health within HIV care services is a promising strategy for increasing access to family planning and STI services and reducing unwanted pregnancies, perinatal HIV transmission and maternal and infant mortality among people living with HIV and their partners. We conducted a Phase II randomized futility trial of a(More)