Debbie Cannon

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Molecules of the title compound, C(7)H(6)N(2)O(5)S, are linked into sheets containing R(2)(2)(10) and R(6)(6)(42) rings by C-H.O hydrogen bonds [C.O 3.405 (3) and 3.511 (2) A; C-H.O 159 and 169 degrees ], in which both acceptors are in the same nitro group. Comparisons are made with the hydrogen bonding in other nitrobenzenesulfenate esters.
In the title compound, C11H12N4O5-C2H6OS, the molecular components are linked by a short hydrogen bond with dimensions O...O 2.517 (2) A and O-H...O 168 degrees. Paired C-H...O hydrogen bonds [C...O 3.362 (2) and 3.382 (2) A; C-H...O 157 and 140 degrees] generate cyclic centrosymmetric four-component aggregates reinforced by aromatic pi-pi-stacking(More)
In the title compound, [Ca(C9H11N6O5)2(H2O)3], the Ca atom lies on a twofold rotation axis in C2/c and the three water molecules are all disordered, each over two sites having equal occupancy. The anion acts as a bridging ligand between pairs of Ca sites on the same twofold axis, thus forming a one-dimensional coordination polymer, with the chains lying(More)
Molecules of 1,3-diamino-4-nitrobenzene, C(6)H(7)N(3)O(2), are linked by N-H.O hydrogen bonds [N.O 2.964 (2) and 3.021 (2) A; N-H.O 155 and 149 degrees] into (4,4) nets. In 3,5-dinitroaniline, C(6)H(5)N(3)O(4), where Z' = 2, the molecules are linked by three N-H.O hydrogen bonds [N.O 3.344 (2)-3.433 (2) A and N-H.O 150-167 degrees] into deeply puckered(More)
The structures of eight 2,4,6-trisubstituted-5-nitrosopyrimidines (one of which crystallizes in two polymorphs) have been determined, including seven O(6)-benzyl derivatives which are potential, or proven, in vitro inhibitors of the human DNA-repair protein O(6)-alkylguanine-DNA-transferase. In the derivatives having an amino substituent at the 4-position,(More)
In the title compound, 2C10H15N5O4-0.5H2O, there are two independent molecules of the pyrimidinylisoleucine in general positions and a water molecule lying on a twofold rotation axis. The bond lengths within the organic moieties demonstrate significant polarization of the electronic structure. Each of the organic molecules participates in 12 intermolecular(More)
The title compound, C(9)H(12)N(2)O(3), crystallizes with two molecules in the asymmetric unit. There is extensive hydrogen bonding which results in the formation of a two-dimensional corrugated sheet. This supramolecular structure is determined by the formation of hydrogen-bonded chains resulting from the presence of a 6-amino group and an ethoxycarbonyl(More)
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