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The mechanisms that maintain the epithelial integrity of the gastrointestinal tract remain largely undefined. The gene encoding intestinal trefoil factor (ITF), a protein secreted throughout the small intestine and colon, was rendered nonfunctional in mice by targeted disruption. Mice lacking ITF had impaired mucosal healing and died from extensive colitis(More)
The trefoil gene family of mucus cell-secreted proteins is a critical mediator of gastrointestinal mucosal restitution. Transcription of trefoil genes is induced during mucosal repair, but the regulatory mechanisms involved are unknown. Mice deficient in the intestine-specific peptide intestinal trefoil factor (ITF), in which colonic restitution is lethally(More)
Many laboratory-based studies have shown that soy can suppress breast cancer proliferation. However, given the recent controversy generated by animal experiments that soy may under certain conditions stimulate breast cancer growth, we decided to carry out a pilot clinical trial in order to elucidate any interaction(s) between short-term isoflavone(More)
Abnormal endothelial proliferation and angiogenesis may contribute to brain arteriovenous malformation (BAVM) formation. G protein-coupled receptor 124 (GPR124) mediates embryonic central nervous system angiogenesis; thus, we investigated the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and haplotypes in GPR124 with risk of BAVM. Ten tagging SNPs(More)
The results of application of flow cytometry (FCM) in analysis of 139 bladder irrigations of DNA contents in tumor cells from 52 cases of bladder tumors are reported. A comparison was made between this assay and cytological examinations as well as pathological grading. The results suggested that the accuracy of cytological analysis was apparently lower than(More)
Diminished Na,K-ATPase expression has been reported in several carcinomas and has been linked to tumor progression. However, few studies have determined whether Na,K-ATPase function and expression are altered in lung malignancies. Because cigarette smoke (CS) is a major factor underlying lung carcinogenesis and progression, we investigated whether CS(More)
The cellular DNA contents of 139 bladder irrigations from 52 cases of bladder tumors were determined by flow cytometry. The results were compared with those of pathological grading and exfoliative cytology. It is suggested that cytological results were less accurate than DNA contents. High aneuploid DNA contents in tumor cells were marked by low grade and(More)
Ectopic decidua is one of several benign lymph node inclusions that have been increasingly documented in the literature, most often in postmortem examinations of pregnant woman and recently in pregnant women with cervical squamous cell carcinoma. Although lacking clinical significance of its own, the major diagnostic implication would be misdiagnosis as(More)