Debatri Chatterjee

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Use of EEG signals in measuring cognitive load is a widely practiced area and falls under Brain-Computer-Interfacing (BCI) technology. However this technology uses medical grade EEG devices that are expensive as well as not user-friendly for regular use. Recent launch of low cost wireless EEG headsets from different companies opens up the possibility for(More)
Cognitive load primarily depends on how an individual perceives, assimilates and responds to an external stimulus. We intend to create Electroencephalogram (EEG) models for the cognitive skills defined in the Bloom's taxonomy using low cost, commercial EEG devices. This could be applied in educational psychology to provide individual assistance according to(More)
Cognitive load is defined as the mental workload imparted on brain while doing a task. The amount of cognitive load experienced depends on individual's ability of perception, assimilation and response to a task. Real-time measurement of the level of cognitive load using low cost Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal enables understanding of personal cognitive(More)