Debasish Chakraborti

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Various potable water and soil samples have been analyzed for tri- and dialkyllead compounds using a sensitive speciation procedure based on diethyldithiocarbamate extraction, Grignard derivatization and gas chromatography-atomic absorption spectrometry. The species are generally present as ultra-trace contaminants, and their abundance is critically(More)
Use of Lighter-Than-Air (LTAs) vehicles for the telecommunication and surveillance purposes has attained a great deal of interest in recent years. This platform is very attractive because of its long endurance and cost effectiveness. The shape of airship envelope has huge impact on its performance. Literature suggests that shape of the airship should be(More)
To elucidate the occurrence and fate of ionic alkyllead species in environmental water and sediments, a procedure, based on the existing methodology for speciation of lead in the biosphere, has been optimized. It allows species-specific detection of the degradation products of tetraalkyllead at levels down to 150 pg · L-1 in water or 25 pg · g-1 in(More)
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