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With the successful worldwide deployment of 3rd generation mobile communication, security aspects are ensured partly. Researchers are now looking for 4G mobile for its deployment with high data rate, enhanced security and reliability so that world should look for CALM, Continuous Air interface for Long and Medium range communication. This CALM will be a(More)
The radar range resolution depends on signal bandwidth thereby detection of multiple closely spaced scattered points depends on bandwidth. To resolve this method of pseudo resolution is introduced which exploits the bandwidth allocation and increases the resolution of the overlapping scattered point (target/multipath). This resolution can be achieved by(More)
Through intensive study, it has been explored that multipleinput single-output (MISO) antenna systems have the potential to dramatically improve the performance of communication systems over single antenna systems. With the idea of implementing WiMAX MISO Communication Technology for overcoming the challenges offered by hostile channel and environmental(More)
The principal objective of this work is to show that ubiquitous communication, in a vehicular communication environment, is possible by exploring the existing radio access networks. Proper channel modeling is essential to utilize current network infrastructure. An overview of basic channel propagation models and fading models are presented here. Then(More)
Impulse radio communication systems and impulse radars both utilizes very short pulses in transmission that results in an ultra-wideband spectrum. This paper discusses the various techniques for transmission of the UWB impulses and also some receiver techniques. Also the design consideration for THSS-UWB transmitter using Matlab Simulink block is presented.(More)
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