Debasis Bandy

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Technology has been developed which permits continuous production of annual crops in some of the acid, infertile soils of the Amazon Basin. Studies in Yurimaguas, Peru, show that three grain crops can be produced annually with appropriate fertilizer inputs. Twenty-one crops have been harvested during the past 8(1/2) years in the same field, with an average(More)
In a six-year-old peach palm (Bactris gasipaes) plantation, centrosema (Centrosema macrocarpum), a leguminous forage plant, was established as a cover crop which was eventually grazed. This experiment was designed to monitor probable changes in soil physical and chemical properties and measure peach palm fruit production and live-weight gain of cattle(More)
Economic inequality is of interest, not only at some intrinsic level, but also for its close connections to diverse variables, ranging from economic indicators such as growth rates to socio-political outcomes such as collective action and conflict. It is only natural, then, to study the evolution of inequality in an economic system. It is fair to say that(More)
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