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A compound (AIPLAI (Azadirachta indica PLA(2) inhibitor)) purified from the methanolic leaf extract of A. indica (Neem) inhibits the cobra and Russell's viper venoms (RVVs) phospholipase A(2) enzymes(More)
An acidic phospholipase A₂ (RVVA-PLA₂-I) purified from Daboia russelli venom demonstrated dose-dependent catalytic, mitochondrial and erythrocyte membrane damaging activities. RVVA-PLA₂-I was(More)
A 13.0 kDa neutral phospholipase A2 (NEUPHOLIPASE) purified from venom of Daboia russelii russelii from eastern India was identified by peptide mass fingerprinting analysis. It exerted dose-dependent(More)
A homodimeric acidic PLA(2) (RVVA-PLA(2)-I) of 58.0 kDa molecular weight purified from Russell's viper (Daboia russelli) venom demonstrated dose-dependent catalytic, strong anticoagulant and indirect(More)
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