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Laboratory experiments were carried out to investigate the efficacy of sugarcane bagasse-based lignin against four stored grain insect pests viz., Tribolium castaneum, Tribolium confusum, Sitophilus oryzae and Callosobruchus maculatus. Mortality was assessed after 24, 48 and 72 h of treatment and LD50 values were calculated at the respective time intervals.(More)
Materials and method– Petroleum ether extract of different plant parts were emulsified. The emulsified products were A. calamus rhizome alone, A. calamus + Corchorus capsularis L. seed, A. calamus + Thevetia neriifolia Juss. seed and A. calamus + Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. rhizome. The residual film technique method was conducted to determine the LC50 value(More)
The physico-chemical characteristics, lipids, protein, fat, moisture and ash of P. globosa and L.luteola were studied. The percentage of oil content found were 2.30 ± 0.29 and 1.61 ± 0.12 in meat of P. globosa and L. luteola. The protein and fat content of P. globosa were 33.81% and 1.80% whereas 22.71% and 1.49% in L. luteola. The moisture content were(More)
Introduction. We report a rare presentation of Castleman's disease in a hepatitis C-positive patient and present a short review of treatments described in other similar case reports and studies. Case Presentation. A 46-year-old male with untreated hepatitis C and a 16-year history of intravenous drug use presented with pleuritic chest pain and bony pain in(More)
Early 3rd instarDiacrisia obliqua Walk. larvae were treated with concentrations ofBacillus thuringiensis var.kurstaki (Dipel®) and the growth of treated larvae was assessed. All the doses reduced significantly the weight and survival of the insects (p<0.001). Les 3e stades larvaires deDiacrisia obliqua ont été traités avec des concentrations variées(More)
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