Debashish Munshi

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This article critically analyses the discourse of consumer choice embedded in health communication interactions between maternity-care providers and migrant ethnic Chinese mothers in New Zealand. Findings indicate that Chinese mothers, as the customers of the New Zealand maternity and health care services, are encouraged to "fit in" with the Western(More)
AHSTRACT Anxieties about development in New Zealand show up in a deep-rooted fear ol the 'Third World' in the country. We examine how the term 'Third World' is deployed ill media discourses in economic, social and environmental contexts and how this deployment results in a 'discursive di,l'lancing' ./i'om anything associated with the 'Third World', Such(More)
Although there is an extensive literature on public engagement on the use of new and emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, there is little evidence of the participation of marginalised indigenous communities in processes of such engagement. How do particular cultural values and worldviews shape the perceptions of new technologies among such(More)
This article explores our experiences in creating and participating with(in) a virtual conference organized as an experimental virtual network. These experiences demonstrate how physically co-located and virtual conferencing practices acting in tandem provide a greater opportunity for the inclusion of both diverse perspectives and participants in(More)
university appointment involves a working relationship with the program in rhetoric in the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, including annual visits to Copenhagen to lecture and consult with graduate students and faculty members.
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