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Quantum Group of Isometries in Classical and Noncommutative Geometry
We formulate a quantum generalization of the notion of the group of Riemannian isometries for a compact Riemannian manifold, by introducing a natural notion of smooth and isometric action by aExpand
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Quantum Isometry Groups: Examples and Computations
In this follow-up of [4], where the quantum isometry group of a noncommutative manifold has been defined, we explicitly compute such quantum groups for a number of classical as well as noncommutativeExpand
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Quantum Group of Orientation preserving Riemannian Isometries
We formulate a quantum group analogue of the group of orinetation-preserving Riemannian isometries of a compact Riemannian spin manifold, more generally, of a (possibly $R$-twisted in the sense of aExpand
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Quantum Isometries and Noncommutative Spheres
We introduce and study two new examples of noncommutative spheres: the half-liberated sphere, and the free sphere. Together with the usual sphere, these two spheres have the property that theExpand
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Rigidity of action of compact quantum groups on compact, connected manifolds
Suppose that a compact quantum group $\clq$ acts faithfully on a smooth, compact, connected manifold $M$ such that the action $\alpha$ is smooth, i.e. it leaves $C^\infty(M)$ invariant and the linearExpand
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Abstract. The crop coefficient (K c ) method is the most widely used method for computing crop evapotranspiration (ET c ) and relies on selecting a representative K c value for a specific productionExpand
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Nitrate-N loadings through subsurface environment to agricultural drainage ditches in two flat Midwestern (USA) watersheds
A study was conducted to understand the contributions of tile flow and baseflow to total nitrate-N (NO3-N) loadings in two subsurface (tile)-drained watersheds, namely the Big Ditch (BD) and theExpand
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Separability of rank two quantum states
Abstract Explicit sufficient and necessary conditions for separability of higher-dimensional quantum systems with rank two density matrices are given. A nonseparability inequality is also presented,Expand
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Hilbert Modules and Stochastic Dilation of a Quantum Dynamical Semigroup on a von Neumann Algebra
Abstract:A general theory for constructing a weak Markov dilation of a uniformly continuous quantum dynamical semigroup Tt on a von Neumann algebra ? with respect to the Fock filtration is developedExpand
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Quantum Stochastic Processes and Noncommutative Geometry
1. Introduction 2. Preliminaries 3. Quantum dynamical semigroups 4. Hilbert modules 5. Quantum stochastic calculus with bounded coefficients 6. Dilation of quantum dynamical semigroups with boundedExpand
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