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Purification and characterization of halotolerant, thermostable alkaline L-glutaminase from a Bacillus sp. LKG-01 (MTCC 10401), isolated from Gangotri region of Uttarakhand Himalaya, is being reported in this paper. Enzyme has been purified 49-fold from cell-free extract with 25% recovery (specific activity 584.2 U/mg protein) by (NH₄)₂SO₄ precipitation(More)
Fast and accurate algorithms are necessary for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems to perform operations on document images such as pre-processing, segmentation, feature extraction, training and testing of classifiers and post processing. Text line and word segmentation are two important steps in any OCR system. Wrong segmentation may affect the(More)
Ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse pith hydrolysate by thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces sp. IIPE453 was analyzed using response surface methodology. Variables such as Substrate Concentration, pH, fermentation time and Na2HPO4 concentration were found to influence ethanol production significantly. In a batch fermentation, optimization of key process(More)
Image processing and pattern recognition algorithms take more time for execution on a single core processor. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is more popular now-a-days due to their speed, programmability, low cost and more inbuilt execution cores in it. Most of the researchers started work to use GPUs as a processing unit with a single core computer system(More)
Four marine actinobacteria tolerant to 200 g NaCl l(-1) were screened for antibacterial activity against eight patient-derived multiple drug resistant (MDR) bacteria. The active compound (MW 300.2, predicted molecular formula C(20)H(28)O(2)) from an actinobacterium, was inhibitory to three Gram-positive and three Gram-negative MDR bacteria, seven(More)
Binarization is widely used technique in many of the image processing applications. Fast algorithms are needed for fast and efficient image processing systems. Many algorithms of image processing and pattern recognition have recently been implemented on Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for faster computational times. GPUs are most prominent hardware in
In this paper, we present JADE, a framework that allows a developer to mix C and JavaScript constructs with JADE supplied keywords to construct a complete program to solve a particular computing activity in a `thing'. We describe the language constructs introduced by JADE and explain how they can be used to implement different software interaction patterns(More)
High temperature ethanol fermentation from sugarcane molasses B using thermophilic Crabtree-positive yeast Kluyveromyces sp. IIPE453 was carried out in batch bioreactor system. Strain was found to have a maximum specific ethanol productivity of 0.688 g/g/h with 92 % theoretical ethanol yield. Aeration and initial sugar concentration were tuning parameters(More)
Fast algorithms are important for efficient image processing systems for handling large set of calculations. To speedup the processing, parallel implementation of an algorithm can be done using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). GPU is general purpose computation hardware; programmability and low cost make it productive. Binarization is widely used technique(More)
There are numerous stylish documents which do not have the traditional text layouts where printed text regions are not parallel to each other. Such complex layouts make text line extraction challenging due to multi-orientation of paragraphs. This paper introduces a system for the text line extraction from the complex layout documents. Proposed method is(More)