Debashis Mishra

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This article delineates the design and synthesis of a novel, bio-functionalized, magneto-fluorescent multifunctional nanoparticles suitable for cancer-specific targeting, detection and imaging. Biocompatible, hydrophilic, magneto-fluorescent nanoparticles with surface-pendant amine, carboxyl and aldehyde groups were designed using o-carboxymethyl chitosan(More)
Abstract— Image Thresholding is one simplest method of image segmentation, which partitions the image into several objects on the basis of one or more threshold values. Threshold values are the values chosen from the intensity values of the image. In this paper, 8-bit unsigned gray scale images are taken as sample where the intensity values ranges from 0 to(More)
Image thresholding is one essential feature of modern digital image processing, which is meant for the segmentation of image into several parts. It helps to understand the image and to detect particular objects from the image. There are various soft computing based image thresholding techniques evolved till date using advance tools such as fuzzy operator,(More)
This paper mainly focuses on image enhancement technique using soft computing approach like fuzzy sets. Image enhancement primarily covers noise detection and reduction from digital color image. To overcome the color disorder on edge and texture pixel, here each color component of a pixel is correlated to the other two corresponding color components of the(More)
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