Debarun Das

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The connective hard tissues bone and teeth are highly porous on a micrometer scale, but show high values of compression strength at a relatively low weight. The fabrication of porous materials has been actively researched and different processes have been developed that vary in preparation complexity and also in the type of porous material that they(More)
BACKGROUND Sun salutation is a part of yoga. It consists of a sequence of postures done with synchronized breathing. The practice of few cycles of sun salutation is known to help in maintaining good health and vigor. The practice of sun salutation does not need any extra gadgets. Also it is very much aerobic and invigorates the body and the mind. sun(More)
The 'Sun Salutation' consists of a sequence of ten yoga postures, each posture counteracting the preceding one producing a balance between flexion and extension, performed with synchronized breathing and aerobic activity. As this sequence is often performed and recommended by many yoga practitioners, there is a need for the development of a biomechanical(More)
The human body is a composite structure, completely constructed of biodegradable materials. This allows the cells of the body to remove and replace old or defective tissue with new material. Consequently, artificial resorbable biomaterials have been developed for application in regenerative medicine. We discuss here advantages and disadvantages of these(More)
1 ABSTRACT Isolation of bio-molecules, cells and pathogens for immunoassays is a critical component in micro total analysis systems (μTAS). Magnetophoretic technique is often used for separation of such target species, where magnetic beads tagged with specific antibodies against cell surface epitopes, are captured in the microfluidic device. In this study,(More)
Magnetophoretic immunoassay is a widely used technique in lab-on-chip systems for detection and isolation of target cells, pathogens, and biomolecules. In this method, target pathogens (antigens) bind to specific antibodies coated on magnetic microbeads (mMBs) which are then separated using an external magnetic field for further analysis. Better capture of(More)
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