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Clock synchronization is a crucial issue in the operation of wireless sensor networks. Although the existing synchronization algorithms under linear clock model assumptions perform well for short periods, they will become problematic for applications with long-term requirements. In this paper, we consider a more realistic and flexible relationship model for(More)
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A low-complexity correlation based symbol timing synchronization (CBTS) algorithm for UWB MB-OFDM systems is presented. The correlation based scheme attempts to locate the start of the FFT window during frame synchronization sequence (FS) of the received preamble by firstly correlating the received samples with known training samples and then identifying(More)
  • Debarati Sen
  • 2015
In this paper we derive the Modified Cramér-Rao Bound (MCRB) for symbol timing, phase and frequency offset in presence of non-linear self-phase modulation (SPM) in a dispersion compensated long-haul coherent fiber link. We consider dual polarization multilevel quadrature amplitude modulation and multiple span of fiber each associated with optical(More)